Our directory contains the list of duly licensed Real Estate Service Professionals sourced from various resolutions published by PRC-PRBRES on their website or publications released by PRBRES. Since the implementation of RA 9646 in 2009, we have compiled the lists of successful examinees or approved for registration (Grandfather’s clause) and carefully encoded to our database. We even have the list from DTI but we did not include the list in this directory especially those who did not availed the grandfather’s clause.

We compiled the list according to their respective real estate profession to reflect those who has multiple real estate licenses. Salespersons are compiled under their respective brokers but confirmation should be done with the listed broker or further verification from PRC if the salesperson no longer works with the listed broker. Salespersons only has a one-year valid accreditation and need to be renewed with their broker or if they moved to another broker, they need to inform PRC about it.

In publishing this information, we are guided by Sec 38 of RA 9646 though we limit to PRC numbers as PTRs are issued yearly and it will be difficult for us to monitor them. We also do not have all the PRC numbers of all the names listed here as we are limited to the information that were volunteered to us, from their posts or from resolutions issued by PRBRES that is why most of the record that we have, we indicated the Reso number as the source of our informations.

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